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army resume

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Work Experience, may 2007 - present Restaurant Jamesons, bristol. Sep 20 French Restaurant le dome, sofia. Specially: French cuisine, position: Chef, may 20 Restaurant Chankete. Specially:Bulgarian cuisine, position: Chef, sept 20 Bulgarian Restaurant The Place,goa, india. Specially:Bulgarian cuisine, specially:Chef, jan 20rmenian Restaurant Egur-Egur, sofia. Specially: Armenian cuisine, position: Chef, feb 20 Restaurant Grozd, sofia. Specially: European cuisine, position: Chef, oct 20 Restaurant Classico, students Town, sofia.

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And you don't have to be an enterprise expert in a particular skill to have substantial experience. Voelker likes to remind military people that they are not retiring. They are completing their military obligation. The difference is significant in crafting an image that will appeal to prospective employers. "If you are retiring, you don't need a resume voelker writes. "you need a fishing pole.". Reset, skillArtistsAudio/MusicHuman Resourceslevel job? Freepaid, no jobs were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the job list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Post job ad and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.

Remember, your resume is not a biography. Include volunteer experience relevant to the position you want. Don't forget to mention your proficiency in a foreign language, hobbies and certificates - if they are relevant to the job. Emphasize the special advantages you bring by having a military background. Those advantages include the ability to conform to rules and hierarchies, to benefit from advanced training, to give and follow direction, to work as a team leader as well as a team member, and to work with all types of people and under deadline pressure. Other selling points from your military experience include leadership training, security clearance, systematic planning and attention to safety. In the end, voelker says, military people should remember that their military experience offers a lot of variety and potential to a prospective employer. An infantry platoon leader, for instance, is indeed a leader, someone who has management experience, not simply a rifle-toting grunt.


army resume

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Show, don't Tell: Military people need to list their achievements and how they solve problems, not simply their responsibilities, driver voelker says. "In other words, explain how you increased operational efficiency, the amount of money you saved or safeguarded, the number of people you supervised, how you were able to do more with less people, the action that came about as a result of your metamorphosis efforts,. "Write these items in phrases that identify the problem, the action you took and the results.". Use the employer's language — words and phrases the company uses in its own ads and organizational literature. Be specific about your jobs and accomplishments. Leave nothing to the employer's imagination. Be selective in the information you include. Use only material related to the jobs you are seeking.

While the military thrives on acronyms, civilian employers usually don't know what they mean. The end result, voelker says, is that acronyms sell you short. "Military people talk in the terminology of the language they are accustomed to and expect civilians to understand it he says. Get rid." he suggests finding out the civilian equivalent of your military job and using that title instead. In his book, voelker offers the following example: "If you wanted to mention that you were responsible for the installation of jots joint Operational Tactical System systems on board ships and in shore stations. It would be better to state that you were responsible for the installation on board ships and in shore stations of highly specialized surface and air tracking operations within a computer and computer-assisted environment, including computer consoles, radars (air, surface search, in-close 3D) and real-time. However, if you want to impress a defense contractor, you might want to preserve some acronyms. In that case, voelker says, you should have two resumes: one for civilians and one for defense contractors.

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army resume

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Good resumes all have the following: a heading, giving your name, address and phone numbers; a professional objective; your education; and your work experience and qualifications. Constructing a resume is an art, voelker says. "There's no such thing as a standard resume. Let the writer rule.". Some people prefer the what's known as a "functional" resume he says. It groups a person's skills and responsibilities under headings describing job duties.


But most military people use a "chronological" resume, showing career growth through a series of job titles. This type shows stability with one company or branch of military service. There are many hybrids, combinations and variations of those two basic types. Now for the content. Voelker offers the following tips to service members writing resumes for civilian consumption. Be clear, concise and consistent.

"It was difficult work, revamping my resume, but it eventually paid off he says. Substance first: While there are as many styles of resumes as people writing them, any successful job candidate must master some golden rules and objectives. Layout, type fonts, margins and the other physical aspects of a good-looking resume are important. But to get that first job interview, your resume should show: The kinds and degrees of responsibilities you have handled. The results you have achieved. The relevance of your past experience to the position you are applying for.

For the retiring or separating service member, an effective resume is as important as Form dd-214, the "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active duty". But far too many military folks sell themselves short in the resume race, says Rodney. Voelker, a retired navy chief petty officer and owner of Nationwide resumes of America, in Virginia beach,. "Military people have as much, or more, to offer employers than their civilian counterparts voelker says. "But in most cases — most cases — they don't realize their own strengths and experiences and therefore sell themselves short.". With only a lazy effort or a resume full of military acronyms no civilian employer can decipher, a retiring military person might just stay that way. Think of the resume as "your sales brochure says voelker, a professional employment recruiter who works with service members through transition assistance programs in Virginia. Form meets Flair: Whether you hire a professional resume-writing service or draft your own resume using the plethora of reference books and computer programs on the subject, the basics are the same.

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The United States has threatened to freeze the normalisation of its ties with Sudan, warning the government it faced deeper international isolation if it did not halt the violence, which threatens to cast a pall over the run-up to southern independence next month. On paper, retired navy master Chief Carlos DelCastillo looked like he walked on water. With 20 years in the navy's nuclear energy field, delCastillo considered himself a shoo-in for a comparable civilian position. His resume vertebrae reflected his extensive qualifications and experiences. That didn't help, however, when DelCastillo learned that the demand for civilian nuclear technicians was virtually nil. "I did not know how to sell myself in any other english light, except as a nuclear operator the retired E-9 says. But with a dedicated effort to revamp his resume so it would reflect his other professional qualifications — seasoned in 20 years of leadership, management and supervision — delCastillo eventually landed a job as a supervisor at a steel plant. He had to abandon the technical jargon of nuclear power in favor of generic terms describing his skills and experiences.

army resume

The government) wants to pursue their Arab-Islamic state and anyone who opposes that will be eliminated. And the nuba have the loudest voice in that, saying they are proud to be nuba ahmed saeed, a nuba activist and mp for south Kordofan, told afp. Daniel Deng Bul, who as the Episcopal Archbishop of Sudan bad is the country's senior Anglican clergyman, also accused Khartoum of pursuing a policy of "ethnic cleansing" in south Kordofan, in a statement on tuesday. The un refugee agency, meanwhile, has appealed to the sudanese authorities to provide air and road access for humanitarian agencies to south Kordofan, where un offices and warehouses have been looted. Planes have been refused permission to land and roadblocks were hampering access by land, spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said. Reports are also emerging of alleged extra-judicial killings carried out by the armed forces on Sudanese un staff and on civilians, during house-to-house searches for suspected spla sympathisers. Us president Barack Obama said on tuesday that there was no military solution to the conflict in south Kordofan, and urged the government of Sudan to halt its military operations immediately. Also on tuesday the vice president of the government of southern Sudan, riek machar, met the us ambassador to the United Nations, susan Rice, in New York, and warned that ethnic cleansing is looming in southern Kordufan if no immediate action is taken. A press release from Machar's office said the vice president also told Rice that the actions of the saf in Abyei were a genocide in the making.

among some of the displaced populations who find themselves trapped by the ongoing violence and the ethnic fault lines the un humanitarian office reported. Heavy fighting pitting the saf and allied militiamen against fighters aligned to southern former rebel group the sudan people's Liberation Army has raged across the state since june. On tuesday, the saf appeared to step up its air strikes on former rebel strongholds. Unmis said jet fighters dropped 11 bombs around the town of kauda on tuesday morning, as part of its ongoing bombing campaign that was causing "huge suffering" to the civilian population. The saf denied it was targeting civilians, saying it was battling a rebellion in south Kordofan, while a ruling party official at the information ministry insisted the sudanese government treated all ethnic groups equally. "saying that the army is targeting the nuba is false information (from the rebels to show the world that they are suffering from marginalisation rabie abdel Ati told afp. A sudanese human rights group reported this week that Antonov bombers had killed more than 65 people in air strikes in south Kordofan since the start of the fighting. The sudan Democracy first Group, in a six-page report, accused the saf of pursuing a genocidal campaign against the nuba in south Kordofan, supported by a feared civil war militia that now forms part of the northern army. The accusations were echoed by opposition MPs in Khartoum.

Cv and Resume Writing Aids, a good resume is the doorway to a potential job, and regardless of how high the skill set or proficient the applicant, a resume that is not well-presented can cost one an interview opportunity. For candidates who are good at what they do but not great at presenting their skills well, there are professional resume writers, several websites and books that can help create custom-resumes tailored to suit the potential job. References, share this comparison: If you read this far, you should follow us: "cv vs Resume.". Abyei clashes 'resume' on Sudan's embattled border by Staff Writers, khartoum (AFP) June 15, 2011, clashes erupted in Abyei wednesday between north and south Sudanese troops, the southern army said, just days after a deal to demilitarise the disputed area, and as Khartoum stepped. Members of the sudanese Armed Forces (saf - northern army) exchanged fire with the sudan people's Liberation Army at the kiir, or Bahr al-Arab, river, the southern army's spokesman told afp, without providing details of casualties. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his southern counterpart Salva kiir had agreed on Monday, during crisis talks in Ethiopia, to a provisional deal to pull northern troops out of Abyei, after they overran the bitterly contested border district last month. In adjacent south Kordofan, the un expressed alarm at Sudan's intensified bombing campaign, which religious leaders and human rights activists said formed part of a government policy of ethnic cleansing, targeting the indigenous Nuba peoples who fought with the southern rebels during the civil war. After a wave of air strikes on tuesday, allegedly targeting rebel positions in the nuba mountains, the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Sudan (unmis) said the situation in south Kordofan remained "extremely vertebrae volatile and tense.". Earlier, a un report said the sudan Red Crecent Society had collected 25 dead bodies in the state capital Kadugli.

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Content, a resume is more focused on previous relevant work experience - employment history and key achievements in prior jobs. A cv, on the metamorphosis other hand, includes a summary of academic background as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details. Both cv and resume include the person's name, contact information, education, work experience and relevant work-related skills. Length, a resume is typically shorter than a cv - it is one or at most two pages long and needs to be concise enough to highlight the key aspects of your career. A curriculum vitae is longer since it has more information. But nowadays, unless it's the norm in a specific country or a specific requirement for a job, cvs longer than two pages are also being frowned upon. When to use a. A cv is used primarily when applying for international, academic, education, scientific or research positions or when applying for fellowships or grants. For most other jobs, a resume is the convention.

Army resume
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