Panorama primary homework

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panorama primary homework

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Mum: What you doing James? James: I'm watching the. Mum: What you watching? James: I don't know. Mum: Are you watching football? Vine: James is so plugged in to the tv and PlayStation he's completely disconnected from the rest of the family. Mum: What are you doing James? James: (mumbles) mum: What are you doing James?

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Right Jim, so your telly's going to be going tomorrow morning. Susan: And your PS2. Susan: What do you think about that? Jim: That's going to be bad. Susan breen: James doesn't really seem too bothered at the moment, imitation but I think when reality actually hits it may be slightly different. Vine: And at school? Well Jim tries hard, but he does get easily distracted. Dad: Turn the telly off please. Vine: And this is James Foster. Not that he could tell you his name when he's locked in on the football.

He's the eldest of four. Homework does not come easy. James breen: I'm trying to read the words, if it don't get learned by tomorrow I'm going to be shouted. Vine: Jim seemed to od on tv as the ban approached. Almost as if he was stocking up his reserves. He has a telly and a computer in his bedroom. Susan breen: I'm quite looking forward to the tellys student and the ps2s being taken away because i think it will be interesting to see what other things they.

panorama primary homework

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Just try and engage in a conversation, or ask her what she's doing, or trying to get her to do her homework. It can be a distraction. They go to bed watching a dvd, and I definitely find that it does calm them down. Vine: But Natasha is described at school as a daydreamer and a chatterbox. Natasha's dad: They'll definitely miss the tellys when they've gone. I know I will. Vine: James Brean has plenty to distract him.

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panorama primary homework

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Bill: Sometimes I don't like it what's on the television. Julie: But you watch it anyway. Julie: It's gonna be an absolute nightmare (laughs) vine: Now meet Natasha meyer. Her mum and upright dad are honest about. She and her sister get the telly because their parents have other priorities.

Natasha: do not turn the tv off. Catherine mayor: tv definitely is an easy option. They do find themselves plonked in front of the tv just to pacify them and just to help me get on with what i've got. Vine: They have 3 TVs. One is in Natasha's bedroom. Catherine: If she's engrossed in a film or programme it is difficult to kind of get her to the table and eat her tea.

Vine: For Bill Jones and his brother Sam tv is almost intravenous. They watch around 3 hours a day, even more than the national average. 5-16 years olds watch 2 hours and 24 mintues a day source: ChildWise monitor Reprot Winter bill: I watch tv when I get up in the morning. Julie jones: he normally gets up round about 7 o'clock in the morning, comes downstairs and turns the telly. Bill: I watch it when I come home from school.

And he's got to do his homework, that's a battle. Vine: One small victory for mum, bill is not allowed his meals in front of it? Oh, except on Friday. Julie: And it makes us look really bad and that our children are telly addicts. Vine: we watched Bill closely. He's in year 3 at Park road. He's lively, sometimes a bit too lively. Teacher: Just wasting time bill.

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Well it's a bit more than we always thought they didn't do that, but we suddenly realised that they. Mum1: we think we're doing okay now but I think we notice that we do kind of talk and sit down more together when everything's gone, so i think it'll just be interesting to see exactly what part this does play in the kids' lives. vine: Panorama works closely with Professor Barry guntha, a psychologist from the University of leicester whose main focus is the way the media affect us all. University of leicester, i think this is an exciting study because it's a very unusual kind of study to carry out. We've gone into people's homes and we've changed the circumstances under which they live. That's a very difficult thing. Vine: What makes this so interesting is that the children come together at school, so we can watch the way family life is altered table and then go into class and see that too. Bill jones: I watch tv loads and loads and loads and loads.

panorama primary homework

Right, step away from the telly. Vine: And they're keeping need a daily diary of family life. Child: so mummy, what are you doing now? Mum2: I'm just filling in the diary. Child: What diary is that for? Mum2: my diary for Panorama. Dad2: even like keeping the diary for the last week sort of highlights how sometimes on a saturday afternoon, the match, i sit there and do nothing but watch the telly really.

you studying? Well they have agreed to take part in our experiment to see what happens when televisions and computers are removed from their lives, and just over here on the wall we've got cameras to record the impact of what goes. Standby for the short, sharp shock. We'll be going to their homes and removing the screens, the telly, the pc, the games, everything but the microwave. In exchange they get one new piece of electrical equipment, a camera to film what happens.

Many of us depend on the tv far more than we'd ever vietnamese admit. Source: ChildWise monitor Report Winter Eighty-four percent of children over five have a telly in their bedroom. In the year before he turns 9, the average child will watch 32 whole days of television. So this is childhood, but not as we knew. And as parents, we kick ourselves, maybe feeling we didn't hold the line as we'd planned. But isn't that really an excuse. Tv and computer games are supremely convenient tools for us, they give us control. As yet there's been no uk study on the effect on children of taking TVs and computers out of the home.

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NB: this transcript was typed froranscription unit recording and not copied from an original script: because of the possibility of mis-hearing nurse and the difficulty, in some cases of identifying individual speakers, the bbc cannot vouch for its accuracy. Panorama, is tv bad for my kids? Recorded from transmission: bbc one, dATE: 18:06:07. Jeremy vine: Hello, i'm Jeremy vine and this is Panorama. Is it time to admit that tv is damaging our children, doing the job we should be doing ourselves, and making family life without tv seem like just too much hard work. Catherine: Thinking of how we were using the tv as a pacifier for the kids just totally seemed totally mad now. Vine: It makes our kids fat, teaches them to be violent and rots their brains. If, as some argue, tv, computer games, are guilty of all of that, then surely they should be banned or at least severely rationed. If the kids were unglued from the screen, could we, the parents, cope?

Panorama primary homework
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  2. Results 1 - 20. Plattekloof - welgelegen -Edgemead - monte vista - panora. Aftercare goodwood park and koos sadie and goodwood pre primary.

  3. According to the principal secretary of the department of primary and. Boss of the north Competition (Maths homework) year 5 Home work. All 30 year 6 children had 5 seconds to hide in this panorama. My view of this kind of research is that it would be stupid to say homework in primary schools isn t beneficial; rather the problem is in the type.

  4. A panorama investigation broadcast. This is Park road Primary School on the outskirts of Manchester. And he s got to do his homework, that s a battle. The education department proposes to do away with homework given.

  5. A grade 5 teacher at Panorama Primary School in pietermaritzburg. Your programme seems to focus on primary education but I want to hi ghlight the. Your researchers should do their homework - it was set. The transcript for Is tv bad for my kids?

  6. See a panorama of this area. All the materials on these pages are free for home work and classroom use only. If your child s homework is Greek to you, you must get help, e xperts say.

  7. Panorama Primary School Welgelegen Parow laerskool Panorama. Take a spin round Gravesend with the bbc kent s panorama photographs. Start of voyage down the Thames contents Page.

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