My favourite pet essay

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my favourite pet essay

Essay on, my pet, complete, essay for Class 10, Class 12 and

You may also find These documents Helpful my favourite movie essay. My friend and I wanted to see harry potter and the deathly hallows: Part 2 the day it opened, and we did. The film matched up to my expectations. I have ever seen a lot of movies but i think this one was awesome. This film was as good as it gets, i mean no film is likely to surpass this one. It seems to me that there were a few parts of the movie were not very good, but on the whole i enjoyed it very much.

My pet animal cat short essay, kids Adda

When I go to school it sees me off to the door. And when I come back it meets me back at home. My cat loves sleeping on the armchair in my room and considers that it is its legitimate place. When someone sits down in that armchair it gets nervous and can even scratch the invader to defend the territory. So i always alert my friends that it's dangerous to sit on this armchair. It still loves sleeping on my laptop thus protecting it from strangers. Murzik sets also has a lot of toys with which it plays. And if it gets bored it walks up to me and calls me with its paw to play with. As a representative of the cat family and a detachment of predators Murzik loves hunting for flies and mosquitoes that accidentally fly into our apartment. Very often fragile things suffer from hunting in our apartment. I like cats because they are attached to people and also very affectionate.

Each time we left him alone in the house, we put all the sweet stuff away. In my house lives the cat. It name is Murzik. I like my cat very much. Its funny and cute and we spend a lot of time playing together. I like to take care about it and how it purrs to thank thesis me for the kindness. The cat sleeps in my room and every morning Murzik wakes up a little bit earlier than me and it always wakes me up in the morning. When I get up and go to wash up, it follows me to the bathroom. During the breakfast, the cat also seats near me and i always give it secretly from my mother something delicious from the table.

my favourite pet essay

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He knew that we loved him and he returned this love in all possible ways. When Max grew we took him to a special dog school, where he was trained to do different tricks and to be obedient. He became a good watching dog. Nobody could enter our house without his permission. Besides, max was a smart creature. He would sometimes help around the house. For example, when we had guests over, he would bring them slippers to wear, which was rather nice from him. The only weakness he had was eating too many sweets.

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my favourite pet essay

Essay on, my pet, complete, essay for Class 10, Class 12 and

All these creatures are of great help to people, however my favourite is the dog. As long as I remember myself I have always liked dogs of all sizes, colour and breeds. When for I was little my father bought a german Shepherd puppy. Its name was Gina and it was a cute creature. We used to walk and play with her. Soon, my dads friend took gina to guard his property.

When I became older I fell in love with bulldogs, so we bought one puppy. It salon was of creamy colours and its name was Max. Max was very playful and funny. He could snore and grunt for hours. His favourite activities were eating, sleeping and playing. It was a lovable puppy.

He can speak, but only a little. When my friends come to see me i show them my pets. I like wild animals too. I can see them at the zoo. Every summer my parents and go to the zoo to look at them.

It is interesting to watch monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, wolves, foxes, bears and many other animals at the zoo. I like films about animals too. My favourite wild animals are brow bears. I have read a lot of books about bears. They like honey and sleep in their lairs sucking their paws in winter. Im very fond of pets and any domestic animals. My grandparents have always had their own chicken coop and a group of adorable rabbits, so Im used to having various animals around from the very childhood. They also keep one cat to protect their household from mice and one guard dog.

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I blood go for a walk with my dog three times a day and I do it with pleasure. I teach my dog to give me his paw. Sometimes the dog does it well. I have got a parrot at home. It is a blue and gay bird. His name is Kesha. Our bird is three years old.

my favourite pet essay

It was a grey small puppy. I liked it very much. Now it is a big dog. It is a sheep-dog. His name is Dick. There is short hair on his body. The tail of my dog is long.

black. The cat has got a small nose, big green eyes and a nice tail. Murka is a gay cat and I like to play with my cat at home. Murka prefers to sit under the table in the kitchen or to lie on the carpet in my room. My cat likes to purr sitting near. Some years ago my mother brought a dog into our house.

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My favourite pet essay
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My new pet is a dog. They are so loving, caring and a true friend. Essay my favourite teacher.

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  1. He alway makes me happy. Playing with him is a lot of fun. He is very obedient. Expository essay rubric fifth grade a move and meat, 2016 favorite author nicholas sparks essay on pinterest, 2016 essay on my pet favourite season.

  2. 8 thoughts on, my, pet, animal. Essay, my, pet, dog English, essay for kids. Its a great website for short essays for kids. M y favorite pet is my French poodle dog, is name is joy.

  3. Its funny and cute and we spend a lot of time playing together. Check out our top Free essays. My, favourite, pet, essay to help you write your own.

  4. In my house lives the cat. It name is Murzik. I like my cat very much.

  5. I like animals and I have got a cat, a dog and a parrot at home. Vibrant conclusion that this essay writing my favourite pet is the utility to what has copywriter 30 jam meninggal the social balance of our writing. Paper Writing Service you can Trust. Essay on new college narrative argument essay topics.

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