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Influenza a(H3) viruses have predominated this season. Since early march, influenza b viruses have been more frequently reported than influenza a viruses. During the week ending may 19, 6 (33.3) of the 18 influenza-positive tests reported to cdc by public health laboratories were influenza a viruses and 12 (66.7) were influenza b viruses. Of the 6 influenza a viruses that were subtyped, 2 (33.3) were H3N2 viruses and 4 (66.6) were (H1N1)pdm09 viruses. The majority of the influenza viruses collected from the United States during October 1, 2017 through April 28, 2018 were characterized antigenically and genetically as being similar to the cell-grown reference viruses representing the 201718 Northern Hemisphere influenza vaccine viruses. Since October 1, 2017, cdc has tested 1,124 influenza a(H1N1)pdm09, 2,347 influenza a(H3N2 and 1,087 influenza b viruses for resistance to antiviral medications (i.e., oseltamivir, zanamivir, or peramivir). While the majority of the tested viruses showed susceptibility to the antiviral drugs, 11 (1.0) H1N1pdm09 viruses were resistant to both oseltamivir and peramivir, but were sensitive to zanamivir.

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Mortality surveillance: The proportion of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P I) decreased and was.8 for the week ending may 5, 2018 (week 18). The percentage is below the epidemic threshold.8 for week 18 in the national Center diagram for health Statistics (nchs) Mortality surveillance system. Nchs data are delayed for two weeks to allow for the collection of enough data to produce stable p i percentages. Region and state-specific data are available. Pediatric deaths: One influenza-associated pediatric death was reported to cdc during week. This death was associated with an influenza b virus and occurred during week 16 (the week ending April 21, 2018). A total of 169 influenza-associated pediatric deaths for the flu season have been reported to cdc. Laboratory data: anterolisthesis Nationally, the percentage of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza viruses in clinical laboratories during the week ending may 19 was.2. Regionally, the three-week average percent of specimens testing positive for influenza in clinical laboratories ranged from.0.9. During the week ending may 19, of the 186 (2.2) influenza-positive tests reported to cdc by clinical laboratories, 85 (45.7) were influenza a viruses and 101 (54.3) were influenza b viruses.

This translates to a cumulative overall rate of 106.6 hospitalizations per 100,000 people in the United States. The highest hospitalization rate is among people 65 years and older (460.8 per 100,000 followed by buy adults aged 50-64 years (115.7 per 100,000 and younger children aged 0-4 years (74.5 per 100,000). During most seasons, adults 65 years and older have the highest hospitalization rates, followed by children 0-4 years. The rates reported this season are higher than the end-of-season hospitalization rates for all ages (cumulative) and all age-group specific rates for the flu season. Hospitalization data are collected from 13 states and represent approximately 9 of the total. The number of hospitalizations reported does not reflect the actual total number of influenza-associated hospitalizations in the United States. Additional data, including hospitalization rates during other influenza seasons, can be found at ml and.

the wave summary

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Geographic Spread of Influenza viruses: Widespread influenza activity was reported by one state (Massachusetts). Regional influenza activity was reported by guam, puerto rico and one state (Utah). Local influenza activity was reported by seven states (Arizona, connecticut, maryland, new Jersey, new York, ohio, and Wisconsin). Sporadic influenza activity was reported by the district of Columbia, the. Virgin Islands, and 37 states (Alaska, arkansas, california, colorado, delaware, florida, georgia, hawaii, idaho, illinois, Indiana, iowa, kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine, michigan, minnesota, missouri, montana, nebraska, nevada, new Mexico, north Carolina, north dakota, oklahoma, oregon, pennsylvania, south Carolina, south dakota, tennessee, texas, vermont, virginia, washington. No influenza activity was reported by four states (Alabama, mississippi, new Hampshire, and Rhode Island). Geographic spread data show how many areas within a state or territory are seeing flu activity. Flu-Associated Hospitalizations: Between October 1, 2017, and April 30, 2018, 30,451 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations have been reported through the Influenza hospitalization Network (FluSurv-net a population-based surveillance network for laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations.

Cdc also is reporting an additional 1 flu-related pediatric death during week 20, bringing the total number of flu-related pediatric deaths this season to 169. Localized or sporadic flu activity may continue for a number of weeks. Cdc recommends prompt treatment with influenza antiviral medications for people who are severely ill and people who are at high risk of serious flu complications who develop flu symptoms. Below is a summary of the key flu indicators for the week ending may 19, 2018 (week 20 Influenza-like illness Surveillance: For the week ending may 19, the proportion of people seeing their health care provider for influenza-like illness (ILI) decreased slightly.2 and. All 10 regions reported a percentage of outpatient visits for ili below their region-specific baselines. Ili was been at or above the national baseline for 19 weeks this season. Over the past five seasons, ili has remained at or above baseline for 16 weeks on average with 20 weeks being the longest. Influenza-like illness State Activity Indicator Map: New York city, the district of Columbia, puerto rico and all 50 states experienced minimal ili activity.

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the wave summary

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Skip directly to biography search, skip directly to a to z list. Skip directly to navigation, skip directly to page options, skip directly to site content. Situation Update, the Fluview report published on may 25 marks the final full influenza surveillance report of the flu season in the United States. Influenza surveillance in the. Will continue through the summer months and a condensed Fluview report will be available. Gov/flu/weekly/ each Friday; though this page will not be updated until publication of the full Fluview for the season resumes on October 12, 2018. Fluview Interactive will be updated over the summer months.

Fluview Activity Update (key flu Indicators). Influenza activity in the United States continued to decrease, and is below the national baseline for the seventh consecutive week since late november according to the latest Fluview report. Influenza-like illness (ILI) decreased slightly.2. Current data indicate that the flu season peaked.5 in early february (during week 5). However, 2 states, guam, and puerto rico continue to report widespread or regional flu activity. Hospitalization rates this season have been record-breaking, exceeding end-of-season hospitalization rates for, a high severity, h3N2-predominant season.

There are times when the structure of Annihilation frustrated me just a little bit (although Im eager to see it again to see if that complaint fades away)—flashbacks within flashbacks often do that—and Im not sure garlands final act works as well as it could. Theres an inherent problem with mission films like annihilation in that the journey is almost always more engaging and interesting than the destination. Questions make for better art than answers. However, garland leaves enough open for discussion that he saves it artistically. And he produces some of his most striking visuals in those closing scenes.

Annihilation is not an easy film to discuss. Its a movie that will have a different meaning to different viewers who are willing to engage with. Its about self-destruction, evolution, biology, co-dependence, and that which scares us the most—that we can no longer trust our own bodies. It's meant to linger in your mind and haunt your dreams. In this recent wave of sci-fi films, it's one of the best. Situation Update: Summary of weekly Fluview Report seasonal Influenza (Flu) cdc.

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If I described some of its scarier scenes, you might laugh, but Garland finds a way to make the insanity work, and watching that balancing act can be invigorating. Annihilation is kites an exercise in maintaining tone and keeping the action of the piece relatable enough so that it doesnt spin off into something easily dismissible. Rob Hardy, who also shot, ex Machina, works with Garland to use the natural world as effectively as the pair used those sleek lines and reflections of the lab in their previous film. And the sound design, especially in the climax, is spectacular, keeping us disoriented and frightened with atonal noises that almost sound like theyre turning in on themselves. Most of all, the artistic success of Annihilation comes down to the way garland metes out information visually. Hell often show us one global thing and then subvert it with the next image, which is an ambitious but perfect way to tell a story about duality and corruption. Theres also a centerpiece scene involving an attack at night thats straight-up one of the most terrifying things ive ever seen in terms of design and direction. It reminded me of the first time it's clear that everyone is probably going to die in John Carpenter's The Thing.

the wave summary

Gina rodriguez shy josie tessa Thompson and sweet Cass tuva novotny )—will venture into The Shimmer, get to the lighthouse, and return. If youre wondering how much has been spoiled at this point in the review, the answer is almost nothing. Annihilation really becomes itself once the team crosses that threshold into the woods, a fascinating setting for a sci-fi flick that reveals itself slowly. This is not an alien planet, and yet theres a sense of danger and some sort of biological aberration within these woods. Garland reveals just enough at every turn to keep us confused but also in the moment with inkheart Lena and the crew. Its a film that balances disorientation with the grounded performances of its cast, who keep us engaged in each interaction, believing the danger as it unfolds. Annihilation could have easily become campy or silly.

parcels out information with a quick scene, line, flashback, etc.—giving us just what we need to process and analyze the action in front of us while also staying one step ahead of us, making us eager to catch. Then Kane starts spitting up blood. Before long, lena is brought to a place called the southern reach, a research facility a few miles from that lighthouse in the opening shot. On the horizon, near a tree line, she sees what can best be described as a rainbow wall. Jennifer Jason leigh ) informs her that its called The Shimmer, and that they have been investigating it for three years now. Past The Shimmer, no radio signals have returned, and no manned missions have produced a survivor until her husband. The assumption is that something in there kills people or people go crazy and kill each other. Ventress, and three others—tough-talking Anya (.

Advertisement, what looks like a meteor hits a lighthouse in the opening shots of Annihilation. Flash forward, we presume, to a woman being interrogated by a man in a hazmat suit. People watch the interrogation through glass and wear protective masks even though theyre not in the same room with her. Who is this woman? Why is everyone treating her like a biohazard? Flash back, again we presume, to a time before lena (. Natalie portman ) was possibly radioactive. A successful essay biologist, lena seems just about ready to get over the grief of her missing husband—who has been gone on a covert mission for a year and presumed kia—when he walks up the stairs and into her bedroom. Oscar Isaac ) may be home, but theres a sense immediately that something is wrong.

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Alex Garland s visionary, unsettling Annihilation doesnt fall into the same neat categories as so business many recent films in what has been a sci-fi genre boom of late. Whether its the big films like. Blade runner 2049 or the netflix ones like, mute and, the Cloverfield Paradox, sci-fi is everywhere in the late 10s, with most of it owing a great deal to some combination. Stanley kubrick s 2001, ridley scott s, blade runner, and the wachowskis, the matrix. Even within this resurgence, rarely do you see a film thats built from the templates of Tarkovsky films like solaris or Stalker, movies that used sci-fi in a discomfiting, emotional register because, well, that kind of filmmaking is incredibly difficult to pull off. Its so difficult in fact that Paramount had no idea what to do when they saw Annihilation, barely promoting it, holding it from press until a few days before release, and selling it to netflix for international markets. Maybe theyre still burned by the failure of mother!, but theyre burying a genre gem here, an ambitious, challenging piece of work that people will be dissecting for years.

The wave summary
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  5. Characteristics of muscle: excitability - responds to stimuli (e.g., nervous impulses) contractility - able to shorten in length; extensibility - stretches when pulled. A summary of wave 1, 2 and 3 responses to questions asked in the pupils and their parents or carers omnibus survey. Quickly find only the best, educationally-relevant content to support learning.

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