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santa writes

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Her friends still call her cooty bug, remember the game?). We raised (3) Texans in various Texas towns, (2) sons, sean and  Scott, and our surprise beautiful daughter, Stephanie.  Sean, like mom, is an Aggie. A sound engineer, hes traveled with several groups like randy rogers Band, Flyleaf, and Eli young Band. Scott graduated from Sam houston State and is an Orchestra director in a texas school district. Stephanie is our razorback, graduating from University of Arkansas, having spent a semester studying in Japan. Suz and I have our separate hobbies, shes a physical Anthropologist and still loves to dig in the dirt. .

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In between weve traveled the world. Education: ma architecture urban Planning, ucla; bs journalisim, University of Oregon. Greetings from the quileute reservation, la push,. Doesnt seem like (50) years since graduation. . Anyway, after sahs, i went to the senior, senior high, santa Ana college, though I spent more time surfing and motorcycling than in class. Uncle sam took notice of my adventuresome system spirit and offered me an all expense paid vacation to that garden spot, vietnam. So, while you stateside college students were dodging bullets on campuses like Kent State, i was sipping mai tis in that tropical paradise, cambodia. When Uncle sam tired of financing my play, he sent me back to school on the gi bill. (4) years later, 1975, i graduated from Cal State fullerton with a degree in engineering. Armed with my degree, i became oilfield Trash and spent the next (39) years chasing Black gold. If youre oilfield Trash, sooner or homework later you end up in houston, which I did in 1979, and met my beautiful Aggie wife of (31) years, suzanne coody (Im pretty sure she married me so she could change her last name.

And how about some more baseball! We (wife Shaun travel and two daughters) are currently living in Los Osos, ca on Morro bay. My twin daughters just turned 16 and are thriving with a distance learning curriculum. Ive been a full-time dad for the whole stretch and enjoying every moment. Retired from uc berkeley/Lawrence berkeley laboratory as manager of research communications for the Energy environment division. Shaun is a global marketing consultant to high tech clients. Lived in Berkeley, eugene, oregon, salt Spring Island, bc canada, and now San luis Obispo county.

santa writes

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When the grandkids started arriving, we relocated closer to oc and stared a moving business in the Fresno area. . I hit the road south about once a month to hold those babies, watch more baseball games, soccer games and dance competitions (finally some girls)! I have put the pedal to the medal since the first grandchild arrived -15 years ago. . Hot-rod  Grammy. . Today dennis and i are settled in oakhurst (16mi from Yosemite) and have been married 26 years with 5 kids between us and 14 grandchildren (10 boys and 4 girls including one set of twins). . Can anyone beat that record? Please contact us if you head this way to beautiful Yosemite. . Jenny, advice:  It is always more helpful to see the glass half full!

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santa writes

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I later married Dennis Dicks, a native la guy who added a son and daughter to our family. . They have since given us 5 more grandsons. . Dennis and I relocated to the sacramento area for several years where i did some teaching. . Coming from essay a family of educators I felt compelled to fall in line but did not enjoy the gig. . I returned to school and became a hairdresser (fyi 1600 hrs licensing) and then opened a small salon in El Dorado. . Sideline: It was next to an infamous bar in the gold country on the 49er trail called poor Reds where they invented a drink called The gold Cadilac which made them the largest consumer of Galliano in the world. .

Some of you may be familiar with. . Now closed but fun while it lasted. As I stated, family is my strongest pull. . Besides a wonderful 3 week tour of Europe in 1969 when the Iron Curtin still stood tall, I have travel route 66 (now I-40) over and over to visit parents in Indiana and 3 sisters and a brother in Charlotte, nc, where my folks recently. I still have places to go and people to meet.

I was not involved in many school activities and certainly not in the in crowd but I hope to reaquaint with many of you at the reunion. . I did make the honor Roll. . my brother, tom McClanahan (1966 grad) was more involved and some of you probably remember him. . my dad was a marine officer/pilot stationed at El Toro where we (all 8 of us) transfered to in my sophomore year when I joined the santa Ana saints. Most memorable event at  saha: Had to be the announcement of the assasination of President Kennedy a few months after we started school at sahs in 1963. . It was the day my brother was to get his drivers license, nov 20, his 16th birthday.

We had just moved from Springfield, va where dc was our backyard playground. . i visisted Jackie kennedys whitehouse  and all the monuments and museums  on a regular basis. What a shock and loss it was for our nation that day when the announcement came over the loud speaker. About me:  After graduation i attended sa college and then married a valley high grad, ron King,. . we raised 3 boys and attended many soccer and baseball games in the tustin area. . Today the boys are very successful, still in southern California, and have given us 9 grandchildren. . Family was always and is still my prioity but education ranked second. When the boys were  old enough I returned to school and completed a ba in Liberal Studies and an ma in American Studies at Cal State fullerton. As is the case with many in our age group, we divorced. .

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Lee white is an artist and teacher who loves watercolor, print making, and climbing trees. He spends his days splashing paint in his backyard studio, where there are absolutely no essay clocks allowed! He has illustrated more than fifteen books and shown in galleries across the country, from Los Angeles to new York. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and young son. Follow Along Socially: learn more about the book on m, follow Scholastic on, twitter, facebook, and. Instagram, follow Hashtag lovesantabook. I will attempt to fill you in on the last 50 years, but I doubt that too many are interested because not too many of you knew me personally. .

santa writes

Year after year, santa writes back, and a heartwarming relationship develops, until one year, the girl writes to her mother instead: Mom, are you santa? Her mother responds to say that no, she is not Santa. Because santa is bigger than any one person — we bring him out through kindness to one another and the power of imagination. This transformative tale spins a universal childhood experience into a story about love, giving, and the spirit of Christmas. About the Creators, martha Brockenbrough is the author of two books for adults and five books for young readers, including. The game of love and death, which earned four starred reviews and was a kirkus Prize finalist, devine Intervention, and, the dinosaur tooth fairy. She lives in seattle, washington, with her husband address and their two daughters. Visit her online.

of Santa in a gentle way of turning the way a child celebrates Christmas. The beautiful artwork helps tell this heartfelt story along with interactive letters which was also really cool. Love, santa, by martha Brockenbrough, illustrated by lee white, in Stores Now! Released September 26, 2017. For Parents and Kids ages 6-11 (for telling the truth about Santa). About love, santa, in a series of letters, a young girl writes to santa to ask about the north Pole, mrs. Claus, and of course, christmas goodies.

So the little girl in the book writes to restaurant santa every single year and Santa would always write back. One year she realizes that Santa isnt real and wonders about the letters, so she instead writes to her mom and asks her if she is Santa. Her mom ends up telling her that everyone is Santa. I think the idea that everyone is Santa makes sense. When you look at what we do for for my kids that idea works, because we always had to clarify that this is Memaws Santa gift, this one was our Santa gift and that one was Papa marks Santa gift. My kids only wrote a few letters to santa, maybe because they always knew, but some things are still fun. Thats why to us Santa was a game.

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This and post is sponsored by Scholastic. To our family the story of Santa Claus has always been a game. My husband is of the mindset that you shouldnt lie to children and telling them that Santa is real is a lie so my kids have always known that dad is Santa. We had to tell them that just because you know the truth doesnt mean that other kids do and if you want a christmas present from Santa you have to pretend he is real. They would end up getting gifts from us from Santa and from both sets of grandparents from Santa so it was a win win for them. Not everyone knows how to handle the transition of telling your kids about Santa which makes this new book by martha Brockenbrough, love, santa a great story. I had my daughter read it, i wanted to know what her perspective was, since she always knew the truth about Santa.

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Eventually, emily writes Santa a note, telling him to come in through the back door, and go no further than the kitchen table! Previous PostRuth Ryland Miller writes :Next PostMarcia lemon Sanserino writes.

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  3. Marine officer/pilot stationed at El Toro where we (all 8 of us) transfered to in my sophomore year when I joined the. Retired after 35 years with the southern California gas Company worked mostly in Central. Santa, barbara san luis Obispo).

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