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my dream house writing

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It reads like a stephen King novel; only scarier. Lying in bed that night I realized, at the right price, this was a great opportunity for somebody. Somebody who knew how to do, or get done, construction work. Somebody looking for a lucrative part-time job running an Airbnb. In short, somebody other than. Stay tuned: In the next couple of posts Ill share with you how the negotiations went down, what the plan is going forward and well run the numbers. Plus, Ill reveal the real reason we bought the place.

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Back in those days plan this was all farm land and the lakefront was considered wasted space as it became too sandy for crops. Every once in a while, some farmer would throw up a shack on the lake as a getaway. Such places never had heat, let alone ac, and their builders probably figured if it lasted 20 years they were doing well. This might be the reason they didnt bother to sink the original foundation below the frost line. Fast forward 80 years thru a series of owners and you wind up with a place that has had multiple fixes and additions, mostly just to keep it going another decade or so, and not always done to the highest of standards. Over the years, this place had the lakeside porch enclosed for all season living, an addition built over the well (!) that is now the spare bedroom and an addition expanding the master bedroom built on a wooden (!) foundation that is now bowing. Someone also added a heating system, a very good thing. In the process, to run the ductwork, they cut out a three foot chunk of the beam running the length of the house and supporting the floor joists. A considerably less good thing. We left with the listing sheet, an estimate to fix the bowing foundation wall for 37k, a letter from the county warning that the septic system had been reported as deteriorating and an inspection report done for a previous potential buyer who ran screaming for.

On the other hand, while the lot was on the small side at 1/3 of an acre, it was nicely situated and fairly private. Plus there was 75 of beach frontage and access to miles more in both directions. The house itself is nicely laid out with two bedrooms, two baths, an open living area and lots of windows taking in the view, all in 1200. Behind the house, next to the dirt road it is on, is a detached garage. On top is a finished loft with a compact, but full, kitchen. It is reached up a short stairway just inside a door on the side of the garage. On the first level, immediately upon entering and to the right, is a full bath. The original cottage was built in 1939.

my dream house writing

My dream house essay - academic, writing, help

At 350k it was the lowest priced place on the beach wed yet seen, and by 150k at that. We called mike, our long suffering realtor, and asked about. You dont want to bother with that one, he said. It has a bad roof, a bad foundation, a bad septic system; and thats just to start. Sure we do, we said, thinking only it would be useful to see what the bottom of the market looked like. Kibanda cha ziwa roughly translated means shack on the lake and is our working name for the place. It has been said you should buy a house that looks bad but that has good bones. This one, other than the disaster of a roof, looked fine move in condition actually but with seriously bad bones.

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my dream house writing

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Finding the house, a couple of years back we started looking at houses on the lake in a very casual, sort of fashion. Many were beautiful, most were more money than we wanted to tie. Of course, we explored the rental option. But those were all only short-term vacation-style arrangements and stupid expensive. This past spring we were back in residence and took up summary the search once more.

As always, with the idea this was just market research and amusement for some future possibility. After all, when our lease runs out at the end of August, we were looking forward to our year of hotel living and reducing our belongings to our old jalopy and a couple of suitcases. We spent an amusing few afternoons looking at beach-front property, further getting to know the market and speculating how this one or that one might work. If and when the time came that is, which would be at least a year from now. Then jo sent us the listing for this one.

Plus, you can drink. How we came to be looking. Back in the early 2000s, my wifes sister, jo, and her husband bought a house on the beach just about a mile south of this one. A couple of years later they bought the one next to it, along with the empty lot between. The result was a lovely compound they generously shared with family and friends. They call it Shamba.

We went up for stays a few times in those early years, but we never lived conveniently close and so fell out of the habit. Then, about seven or eight years ago we returned. Driving back home we both agreed that this was one of our favorite places in the world and wondered why we didnt take more advantage. Since that time, we have returned every year for stays ranging from 3 to 5 weeks depending on what we could get consistent with the other family members who wanted to use. Every year we left wishing we could stay longer and return more frequently. But as graciously generous as my in-laws have been, when we start talking about staying there 2 months in the spring and two months in the fall they start to balk. Damn unreasonable of them. But there you are.

My dream house essay

So this beach shack is my indulgence. And what a personal fit it is: Since i have no skills vegetarianism or interest in doing home repairs of course i bought a place with a bad foundation. Not to mention the plumbing and electrical issues and the beautiful field stone fireplace that is about to fall down. Along with some other stuff. Since i have no skills or interest in running an Airbnb of course i bought a place ideally suited to being an Airbnb. But, did I mention it is on the beach? Thats lake michigan right there. It is like being on the ocean sans driver the hurricanes and tidal waves, and nothing in there will eat you.

my dream house writing

I even put my seal of approval on this little gem. 1500 days picked up recently. Aided and abetted the process no less, as described here. Or you can listen to him tell it here, where he gives me barely a mention and no credit at all. Not that Im sensitive. No, i am not opposed to expensive indulgences. Indeed, the whole attendant point of reaching fi is to expand our options. And, as I say. Manifesto : Life choices are not always about the money, but you should always be clear about the money choice you are making.

always, run the numbers. Later Ill share with you my thinking on both those issues in regards to this place. In short, i am not against homeownership. I am against blindly believing the real estate industry propaganda that owning is always, or even commonly, a good investment. It might be, but probably not. So run the numbers and see. Most often youll find a house is an expensive indulgence.

Having the occasional Bald Eagle drop by doesnt hurt. Arent I the guy who preaches against owning houses? Well, i guess when you publish posts like. Why your house is a terrible Investment or videos saying, dont buy a f*ing house * people might get that impression. you also attract comments like this most recent one from fff: For someone whos made enough money to buy his freedom from employers, he looks terrible. The opposite of Dorian Gray. True perhaps, but unkind.

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Please activate your paper account to continue playing. Please verify your email to activate your account. If you havent received an email after 15 minutes, click here to resend your activation link. Please verify your email. Go to, my Account and update your email. Follow the steps on the email that we will send you. If you don't receive an email after 15 minutes, click here to resend. Well, beach shack anyway, kibanda cha ziwa, of course, it is not about the house. It is about this: Ziwa.

My dream house writing
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